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RFP: Gratitude to God

Published on 12/4/2019

Gratitude to God: Psychological, Philosophical, and Theological Investigations

Biola University, with the help of a very generous grant from The John Templeton Foundation and under the direction of Peter Hill and Robert Emmons, welcomes proposals from various disciplines to investigate questions that concern Gratitude to God (GTG).

We anticipate proposals for empirical and non-empirical projects that address one or more of the questions listed below.

1. What is the basic structure of gratitude to God and how can we advance our understanding of the differences between gratitude to God and gratitude to others?
2. Why and how do people express gratitude to God or fail to?
3. How is cosmic gratitude an alternative to gratitude to God?
4. What functions does gratitude to God serve?

Proposals may be for projects that utilize the methodologies of the behavioral sciences, philosophy, theology, or religious studies. Empirical projects may be multi-method, qualitative, theoretical, cross-cultural, employ behavioral measures, or incorporate developmental approaches (though none of these are required). For the empirical projects, experimental methodologies are encouraged.

Full details on the RFP are available here.